Photography for Products, Real Estate, Family, Events, Portrait


Hi, I was born 1:30 p.m. in 1951, Pomona CA, after crossing the railroad tracks at high speed- "That's what I was told". Every since then I have been moving around, always busy with something.  Jobs?  I've had a few... Married, yes, been there. Kids, yes, they are great.  Pets, yes, all kinds at one time or another.  Writing a book, yes, doesn't everyone? Currently, I live in Napa, CA with my 2 dogs and a horse, named Rose.

Photography has always been my passion.  Cameras are great.  They see the truth and they also have the ability to lie or change the truth.  Photoshop is an awesomely powerful tool, for it then takes the photo and rises it to another medium.  

I like to think I am pretty versatile with the camera, but, I don't do weddings... takes at least 2 people for that task! I am very good at product and website photo work as well as Real Estate photos, people, places, pets ...

Flyers, brochures, coffee cup photo, t-shirt design, business card, etc.

I also like to do family tree projects. Research and photo compiling into one big family story!